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Applications for January 2020 PT Slots Are Now Open!

Availability is limited so book your slot now.

Personal Training sessions with Elizabeth will really push your fitness on to the next level.

With one-to-one or super small sessions catered for, PT can make all of the difference to you reaching your goals.

Twelve one-to-one PT session bundles cost £250 and payment must be made in full when your application has been accepted.

The application window for slots in January, February and March 2020 will not be open for long. Complete the application form below to avoid disappointment.

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  • You must purchase a file and record all food and eating times daily during the 12 week block.
  • Do you understand that the programme is designed to give you GRADUAL changes, not instant results?
  • Do you understand that 24 hours notice is required if cancelling a PT session?
  • Are you medically fit to take part? Have you reported any changes in health to Liz?
  • Do you understand, if working in a group, you will be paired with a client of similar strength and abilities?
  • Do you understand that failure to provide Liz with food diaries before your session will result in the session not taking place?
  • Do you agree to take on all next steps from Liz?
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